ROCKSCAPES is a Texas company that was founded in 1992 by the current owner and lead artist James “Beau” Bradley. Mr. Bradley has more than two decades of experience, as well as a wide range of construction knowledge.  ROCKSCAPES expertise is in designing and constructing artificial environments for zoological and commercial properties.  Our company can produce a turnkey project which includes consultation, layout, design, engineering, and landscaping. We develop geological formations from concrete such as boulders, rock outcroppings, caves, ravines, dirt banks, river banks, trees, stumps, roots, and vines.

Beau Bradley is the lead sculptor and staining artisan. Bradley has been working in the industry of artificial rock work since the early 1980’s. Beau was first employed by Design Consortium, the Fort Worth Zoo, and later the Larson Company. Beau has worked on numerous projects equal to the scale of the current Laura P. Nichols Penguin Exhibit project. His experience includes The Sea Lion exhibit at Sea World in San Antonio, TX.; Asian Falls Tiger Exhibit at the Fort Worth Zoo in Fort Worth, TX; The West African Penguin Exhibit at the Dallas Zoo in Dallas, TX; and the Gaylord Texan Hotel in Grapevine, TX.

Zoological Consultant:   Kelly Bradley is currently a Researcher at the Dallas Zoo with 10 years experience.  She is on staff mainly to help Beau with technical details and advice.  She also has six years experience with the Fort Worth Zoo. Kelly is a published author and routinely does research outside the United States for the San Diego Zoo. 

Additional Sculptors:   

Trey Bradley started his artificial rock career in the early 1990’s at the Fort Worth Zoo. He worked on numerous jobs before joining ROCKSCAPES in 2000. Josh Crowe joined ROCKSCAPES in 1997. Both Bradley and Crowe are well versed in all areas of artificial rock fabrication including the structural steel tying/bending phase, as well as the concrete texture phase. Both sculptors are experienced with hand carving and the rock casting panel system. Bradley and Crowe are also skilled at staining practices for artificial rock work. R. L. Barber is in training as an apprentice sculptor. Rounding out ROCKSCAPES’ full time crew is William King, the shot crete pump operator.


Working with Beau is his Office Manager, Rick Nerby. Rick is responsible for all phases of the accounting cycle for ROCKSCAPES and he is the direct link of all communication for Mr. Bradley.