The interesting thing about Beau Bradley, founder and lead artist of Rockscapes, is the path his journey took to get where he and the company are today. Beau’s construction career began at the age of 16 when he started his first house painting business. After graduating high school, he operated his own drywall business until he became employed at the Fort Worth Zoo as a carpenter working in general exhibit construction. By the time Beau became exposed to the artificial rockwork industry, he had already acquired a broad range of construction knowledge and experience.

Beau’s entry into the artificial rock industry was anything but typical. After convincing a visiting California rock company to let him try his hand at it, he was became their foreman within 90 days. Creating artificial rockwork was something Beau was just good at the first time he tried it. While he was employed at the Fort Worth Zoo, Beau worked and oversaw many of the Zoo’s biggest exhibits: Asian Falls, World of Primates, and Rapture Canyon.

In 1992, Beau started his own artificial rock company, Rockscapes. The company started off small, working out of 1967 Volkswagen Bug creating small waterfalls and ponds for local residents in the DFW area. It didn’t take long before Beau and Rockscapes moved up to bigger jobs. Today, Rockscapes’ resume includes Sea World of Texas, Isle of Capri Casino, Audubon Zoo, Dallas Zoo, Oklahoma City Zoo, and the Amarillo Zoo. Beau has witnessed a lot of change in the artificial rock industry. He is familiar with old ways and with the newest advances. Today, Rockscapes has a large studio and an extensive library of rock molds taken from real rock faces.

Beau is totally committed to producing the highest quality work in the field of artificial environments. Rockscapes strives to set itself apart from other traditional contractors by utilizing alternative processes, styles, and methods. No one else can match the total commitment to creativity and professionalism that Rockscapes brings to each project.