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Rockscapes is the premiere artificial rock and custom swimming pool contractor in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We specialize in creating themed environments for residential, commercial, and zoological clients. All the rock work seen on the website is carved concrete made to replicate natural stone formations and other elements (i.e. artificial trees, dirt banks, etc.)

Our Process

  • We want our clients to know our methods so they feel confident throughout the entire construction process. First we meet with you at the site to get a sense of the property and your vision. Rockscapes then creates a project design. If necessary we will create a 3D scaled model to help you visualize the project. Once a design is approved and the engineering and permit process is complete, the construction can begin.

  • The construction phase of our process has three components. First we create a rebar frame, this usually takes the longest, but it is the most important part. The frame creates the shape of project and supplies all the strength. Second we encapsulate the rebar frame in a structural coat of concrete (this won’t be pretty, but have no fear). Then we apply some waterproofing materials and finally the “magic” can start to happen.

  • The “magic” is our favorite part. This is where we use all the tricks of the trade to create the final appearance of the project. We apply a second coat of concrete that is carved, textured, and embossed to create the finished product. After the concrete has cured we color and stain the rockwork to create the finished product. With 25 years of experience, we are confident that our product will surpass your every expectation!.


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